This diagram should help you ...

  • To select the correct brush or disk diameter,
  • To work at the correct rotation speed and
  • To run the most economical peripheral speed.


Finding the right product is not easy. The following summary of the general standard cut speeds will help you with this:

Grinding   Polishing  
Metals – general 30 to 40 m/sec Steel 30 to 35 m/sec
Stainless steel 20 to 30 m/sec Non-ferrous metals 30 to 50 m/sec
Hard metals 10 to 15 m/sec Light metals 40 to 45 m/sec
Thermoplastics   8 to 15 m/sec Thermoplastics   5 to 15 m/sec
Thermosetting plastics 10 to 25 m/sec Thermosetting plastics 25 to 30 m/sec
Acrylic glass   3 to 8 m/sec Polyester paints 15 to 30 m/sec

On request, we treat our disks and rings with a special impregnation. This changes the lifetime and aggressive effect so other surfaces effects can be achieved. Impregnation is mainly for sisal products although it is also possible with cloth polishing rings.